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    10 Way To Spot A Bad Restaurant
    BY: Stephen Richardson
    Dated: 2009-02-02 19:16:12

    Key Words:
    Restaurant dine eat out quality

    When in a situation where you have to try a new restaurant you need not leave the quality of your meal to chance. There are some key indications to the quality of a restaurant that you can use to decide whether or not to eat or move on. Some of them will be revealed before you enter the door. Read the full article below to 10 tips on avoiding a bad meal.

    Full Article:

    Inevitably you will venture into a new restaurant or two but you might not be sure if itís a good idea. You want to have some idea about the quality of this place before you order your meal. You can start your investigation with our Restaurant Reviews but if there are no reviews available you still need to make a choice. So, can you spot a bad restaurant before you dish out your hear earned cash and get a case of food poisoning for your efforts? Well, in my opinion yesÖ to a certain degree. Here are 10 things to look for.

    1. Is the parking lot empty? Chances are pretty good that if the parking lot is empty at meal time while others are full you should keep on driving.

    2. Are spruikers try and drag you in? Seriously people, if they feel the need to have people drag you in off the street then you need to keep walking.

    3. Animals on the tables? I am not joking, it happens, though not likely at this time of year. Check out that patio, if there are birds or rodents on the table keep walking by. Even worse, if you see a rodent inside run as fast as you can!

    4. What do you smell? If there are funky smells of any kind you should be looking for the exit. You donít know where that smell is coming from and what if itís the kitchen? If its your plate with a bad smell donít eat it, send it back and I would suggest leaving! Also, if itís the staff that smells you are in trouble as well. Staff hygiene is important and reflects on the kitchen, the management, and the head chef.

    5. Is there food on the menu? I mean physical food, if your hands get sticky from browsing the menu then the staff obviously does not care about cleanliness and so why would the kitchen staff?

    6. A restaurant with a gorgeous view! Be careful, many of these places try to compensate for bad food with a fantastic setting. This is not always the caseÖ just be aware.

    7. Is it a chain restaurant? Come on now, are you expecting anything other than reheated food from a microwave? That being said, some chains produce good food but its not going to be the best choice in terms of your health. Also, donít expect any form of consistency within a chain. Yes it would be nice to know that your favorite Swiss Chalet is in the town you are visiting but donít be surprised when your greatly disappointed with the meal. Most chains also use microwaves and reheated foods which may provide a good case of food poisoning. At least make sure your food is hot.

    8. How long is the menu? If the menu has 20 entreeís spanning seafood, chicken, pizza, steak, burgers and so on itís a pretty safe bet that your going to get something from a freezer. Remember, if they offer everything they specialize in nothing so you will not get a best of anything at this type of restaurant.

    9. Erections? Whoa, minds out of the gutter, let me explain this oneÖ Laminated menus are a sign that the menu never changes. That means that your seasonal items will be from a freezer. Watch out for condiment bottles on your table. For example, those ketchup bottles can leave you with bad food poisoning if the ketchup is never changed before adding fresh ketchup. Food and waste receptacles in the dining room are a bad sign. Thatís unacceptable. They should be out of sight. Really, if there is so much left over food that the server can not take it directly to the kitchen then there is a problem with the food! So, erections are anything standing that should not be standing where they are.

    10. Is there anything questionable? Follow your instincts people, if something about the place bugs you then leave. Its that simple. Why risk it?

    Remember, its your money, its your choice, its your health. Watch for the signs and donít mind sending food back and or leaving!