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Reviewed:   Little Turkish Village Dining Lounge
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(Review ID: 218)
Simply excellent food and service., Oct 18, 2009
Reviewer: Canada Food Critic from Ottawa
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Pros: The food
Cons: A bit crowded as the tables are packed in tightly.

Little Turkish Village is a cozy restaurant located in Orleans. It is the only Turkish restaurant in the Orleans area and only 1 of 2 Turkish restaurants in the Ottawa Region. The dining room is slightly crowded and dimly lit. There is Turkish/Mediterranean music playing softly in the background. The décor give the restaurant a unique flare setting the Turkish tone.

This was not my first visit to Little Turkish Village. I have been there 3 or 4 times prior. As usual the service was very fast. On entering we were seated and served water and bread and then asked for drink orders. We ordered an appetizer while trying to decide on what to eat. There was 4 of us there and we decided to go for the dinner for 3. Knowing the portion sizes we were well aware that dinner for 3 would suffice.

Our appetizer was a dish of hummus to go with out pita bread. The hummus was very smooth and tasty. I do like mine spicier but nevertheless it was really good. The dinner for 3 starts off with a Turkish salad. This is basically a large salad for everyone to share. There is a variety of salads combined on the plate and all are excellent. After the Turkish salad is done the main course arrives. This is a tray with rice and potatoes surrounding a foil dome with 9 kabobs sticking it and a sparkler sparkling in the centre. Every dish is like a celebration. I do not recall the Turkish names for the Kabobs but there was shrimp, chicken, lamb, beef, and ground meat. Each one is tender, very flavourful, and cooked to perfection. My favourite is the ground meat because the flavour is very unique and very intense. We did have desert but nothing unusual, just a chocolate mousse cake.

When the meal was done our check was brought promptly to the table. We paid and where on our way. For a group of 4 we were there just slightly over an hour total which is a testament to the quality of service. I suspect this place depends on very fast efficient service to keep the customers from building up at the door. Every time I have been there the restaurant is either full or near full. It is clearly enjoyed by all who visit.