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Your health should be your top most priority. You need it to live a long, happy, prosperous life that is free of pain and suffering due to illness and disease.  If you supply your body with good nutrition and avoid the "junk food" you will live longer and healthier. If your body has the right tools and the right building blocks it has the ability to ward off many illnesses and repair the damage from both everyday life and disease.

I am creating this database so that you have the ability to visit and look up any food or ingredient and find out if it is good or bad to eat and whoever else I can dig up on the subject.

I hope you find the site useful,

Stephen Richardson

Here you may browse a list of foods of a given type

Beverages - Anything from tea and coffee to alcohol and Pepsi
Herb or Spice
- Things like ginger, mint, garlic
Grains and Cereals
- Includes bread, wheat's, grains etc.
- I hope you know your veggies
- I gave these a category on their own, you will not find them in any other place
- Or food additives, things like aspartame, MSG, etc.
Vitamins and Minerals
- Pretty self explanatory.
- Everything Protein, fish, chicken, nuts, red meat...
Fat and Oil
- There are likely more oils out there than you think!
Milk and Dairy
- Again pretty self explanatory

Here you may search our database

I am not a pro at coding so the search is very simple. You may search for a specific food (eg. salmon or garlic or grapes) or you may search for an associated ailment (e.g.. sunburn, rash, inflammation, asthma).


 ** Note: I am not, nor do I claim to be, a professional programmer. If this search script does not behave like it should then I made an error. If you get an error message please copy it to me in an e-mail and I will try to fix it. Its the best I can do at this time.